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About the Instructor

Sandra Gaiser
Technology Instructor,
Web Designer,

Sandra Gaiser loves teaching: first teaching her own children, and then helping teach technology to other children through One Day Academy. She also assists parents & senior citizens with their technology needs.


Her education includes a MA and a BS in Communications, with a minor in Cognitive Psychology. In an effort to learn how humans learn, she helped design experiments measuring attention to ads in television programs. This led to an in-depth knowledge of computer technology.


This strong knowledge of computers and biomedical statistics earned her a job working as a statistician for a large Texas state agency. Bored with statistics, she started working on the agency’s computer network and was promoted to Systems Analyst. Severely over-worked, she left the agency to become an independent contractor. The agency hired a team of 7 to cover her workload.


Next, as an contract computer consultant, she worked at numerous other Texas state agencies and some of the largest law firms in Texas, installing hardware, software, training users & writing system documentation. Only 4 years later, she started her own computer consulting business called G & M Consulting.


After too many long hours and 2 children, she realized her heart was in teaching others technology, and those who really needed it: senior citizens, parents and kids.


In 2006, she heard of a homeschool enrichment program called One Day Academy. There her love of teaching and skill with technology and writing came together.


She now enjoys teaching students (and their parents!) the technology they need to know including keyboarding, office applications, web design, programming, database design and computer science.


Her Computer Instruction Series textbooks were born out of a need for rigorous curriculum for students to be used in the classroom or at home.

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